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Registration for the Winter season is now closed. Unfortunately, we do not have enough players to form JV and Varsity teams.

Hoops Program

This year we are unable to offer the Hoops program. We are instead directing the Kindergarten through 3rd grade players to register with West San Jose.
Evaluations are on Saturday, Nov 5th. For more information, go to the
Rookie Program. To register, go to Registration.
Contact Yubei Song Rookies Coordinator if you have any question.

Key Dates:

o Dec 4: Games begin (Division and All Net)
o Dec 11: High School games begin
o Feb 5: Last Division game
o Feb 11/12: Internal Boys Tournament
o Feb 11/12: CST tournament for Girls Rounds 1&2
o Feb 12: Last All Net and High School game
o Feb 25/26: CST for Girls Final Rd and All Net Rd 1&2 and Semis; High School tournament
o Mar 3/4/5: All Net Final

Extra Professional Training:

Should you need extra training to improve your game, Coach Mack is offering training at $20/hour this weekend. Saturday, Oct 29 at Saratoga High School outside courts from 8 am to 10 am. Sunday, Oct 30 at Saratoga High School from 10:30 to 1:30 pm.

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