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2022-23 Winter season: Announcing dates for All Net/Open League Tryouts and Division Evaluations.

We are offering the following skill levels.
- More Competitive Level (All Net - boundary limitations apply) for Boys 5th grade only.
- More Competitive Level (Open League - no boundary limitations) for Boys 6th, 7th and 8th grade only.
- Division (less competitive - boundary limitations apply) for Boys and Girls 3rd/4th (D3), 5th/6th (D2) and 7th/8th (D1).

In-person registration and Tryouts for Boys Open League and All Net: Oct 1st and Oct 8th at WVC. 5th, 6th and 8th grade will be from 2:30 - 4:00 p.m. 7th grade will be from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.

In-person registration and Evaluations for Division D3, D2 and D1, boys and girls: Oct 15th and Oct 23rd at WVC. Attend only one evaluation, either the one on the 15th or the one on the 23rd. Show up 30 min prior to your time slot for registration.
- D3: 12:30 - 2:30
- D2: 2:30 - 4:30
- D1: 4:30 - 6:30

Practices begin: Oct 25th for Open League and All Net; Nov 1st for Division at WVC, time TBD.
Games begin: Sunday, December 4th.

High School info.: For grades, 9th/10th and 11th/12th, we will see how many kids register before holding any tryouts. Typically, a parent takes the lead in forming a team and coaching.

For K-2, please visit the West San Jose NJB website as they will have a Rookie league.

To pre-register for the Winter Basketball league (NJB) grades 3-12, please go to the Registration Page and pre-register online, so we have an idea how many players are interested in playing this season.
Register each child only once. You will not recieve an email confirmation after registering.

We Need Volunteers

Saratoga NJB is in need for volunteers to help on the Board of Directors. We are looking for Boys & Girls Division Coordinators as well as an All Net Coordinator.
  • For more info on Boys Division please contact Boys Division Coordinator
  • For info on Girls Division please contact Girls Division Coordinator
  • For info on Saratoga NJB High School teams please contact All-Net Division Coordinator

  • 2019/20 Winter NJB Girls CST Tournament Runners Up

    Saratoga NJB D3 Girls team are Runners Up at the top-most tournament bracket, wrapping up a 10-3 season record.

    In the picture, back row, L to R ... Coach Athena Mahajani, Dalia Thompson, Lucky Felder, Katie Lee, Tanusha Chandra, Naviya Popli, Naomi Liu, Armina Mayya. In the front row, L to R ... Lydia Liang, Madison Ng, Abigail Yew and Josie Mih

    2019/20 Winter NJB Boys Internal Tournament Results

    Congratulations to the D3 boys team #4 coached by Jerry Sheehy for taking first place in the Saratoga League Championship. 2nd place went to team #2 coached by Keshav Soni and 3rd place went to team #3 coached by Chris Vlahopouliotis

    Congratulations also to the D2 boys team #4 coached by Adam Sinton for taking first place in the Saratoga League Championship. 2nd place went to team #3 coached by Rob Chee and third place went to team #5 coached by Allen Wang.

    Congratulations also to the D1 boys team #4 coached by Rohan Chakravarthi for taking first place in the Saratoga League Championship. 2nd place went to team #2 coached by Sehij Dhindsa and third place went to team #1 coached by Aditya Guruprasad.

    Saratoga again has a Summer Champion!

    The 7th/8th grade team, Saratoga Bulls, coached by Nihal Mahajani and Neal Iyengar, beat a Los Altos team to win the level 2 Tournament on Sunday, August 19th.

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