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Picture Day Schedule: Saturday, Jan 14th, 2017 at the West Valley College Small gym (behind the Main gym).

Photo Time Team Name Coach

11:00 AM SAD3B04 Chris Alston
11:05 AM SAD3B01 Timur Engin
11:10 AM SAD3B02 Robert Gagliasso
11:15 AM SAD3B03 Wilburt Labio
11:25 AM SAD3B05 Tony Oyang
11:30 AM SAD3B06 Zack Felder
11:35 AM SAD1B01 James Parden
11:40 AM SAD1B05 Steve Carte
11:45 AM SAD2B01 Lily Wong
11:50 AM SAD2B06 Brian Strathmeier
12:00 PM SAD2B07 Alex Manea
12:05 PM SAD3G01 Greg Pierson
12:10 PM 5th Boys AN Marques Mack
12:15 PM SAD1B02 Brian Pirkl
12:20 PM SAD2B02 Kiran Prasad
12:25 PM SAD2B03 Greg Belcher
12:30 PM SAD2B04 Alvaro Orazco
12:35 PM SAD2B05 Mark Kibort
12:40 PM SAD2G01 Kashmira
12:45 PM SAD1B03 Gaurav Mohan
12:50 PM SAD1B04 Nihal Mahajani
12:55 PM 6th Boys AN Adam Sinton
01:00 PM 8th Boys AN Michelle King

Key Dates:

o Dec 4: Games begin (Division and All Net)
o Feb 5: Last Division game
o Feb 11/12: Internal Boys Tournament
o Feb 11/12: CST tournament for Girls Rounds 1&2
o Feb 12: Last All Net game
o Feb 25/26: CST for Girls Final Rd and All Net Rd 1&2 and Semis;
o Mar 3/4/5: All Net Final

Extra Professional Training:

Should you need extra training to improve your game, Coach Mack is offering training at $20/hour this weekend. Saturday, Oct 29 at Saratoga High School outside courts from 8 am to 10 am. Sunday, Oct 30 at Saratoga High School from 10:30 to 1:30 pm.

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West Valley College

Saratoga High School

Redwood Middle School